Wholesale Market Intelligence

The wholesale energy markets refer to the institutional commodities markets for electricity, natural gas, and crude oil. This is where the commodity or “pure energy” portion of your energy price is derived. Similar to stocks, commodity contracts are bought and sold on a public exchange which in turn dictates the market price. These markets are extremely volatile and sensitive to a wide range of factors, including weather, geo-politics, and traditional supply and demand.

Atlas Retail Energy has successfully bridged the gap between wholesale and retail by seamlessly integrating with Atlas Commodities, our wholesale counterpart. We leverage our integration with wholesale markets to provide our clients with information and analysis not available to the public domain. While anyone can obtain access to wholesale price feeds, our business is transacting in these markets daily and we are able to identify trends and price anomalies daily. This gives us the ability to truly verify price for our clients by using our own proprietary pricing models to compare with those of competitive suppliers. This simultaneously provides you with peace of mind while also identifying suppliers that are not providing a true market price.

From an outside lens, this concept may at first seem complicated and abstract. However, Atlas Retail Energy can translate this information into clarity and precision when it comes to procurement timing and decision-making. This results in giving you a competitive advantage.

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