Proprietary Pricing Algorithm

In its natural state, markets are inefficient. This explains why each supplier’s price is different when bidding on the same account. Internally, suppliers view risk, energy components, and the forward market differently, yielding a wide range of bids for our clients. Standard advisors will simply mark-up pricing they receive from suppliers and pass along to their client to execute on. We take a very different approach.

By developing our own forward risk curves, Atlas Retail Energy does not rely on supplier pricing to determine market trends. Our algorithm was designed to give you the ability to determine exactly where their pricing is daily, regardless of current contractual obligations. This information is then compiled and delivered on an automated basis allowing complete transparency throughout the procurement process.

Our internal pricing models have an additional key benefit: they allow us to determine how much premium suppliers are allocating to their various cost components. For example, a client with an unpredictable load pattern will likely see premiums for their capacity allocation from the supply community. By using Atlas Retail Energy’s algorithms, we allow you to determine exactly how much premium is being applied and recommend alternative pricing structures to offset these premiums.

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