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Licensed Energy Procurement Across All Markets

Looking to grow your business?

The Atlas Empowerment Program (AEP) allows you to optimize your clients’ energy procurement in all deregulated markets. The AEP allows you to offer your commercial relationships preferential power agreements from the entire supplier network across the country. Competitors’ automated portals result in executional short-fall and remove personalization from the client relationship; conversely the AEP, provides custom recommendations backfilled with our proprietary wholesale analytics to meet your clients’ needs in every market. You continue to own the process and the relationship with your client.

This customized approach on a national scale results in a singular partner to assist in the growth of your business.

Client Ownership

Atlas’ Empowerment Program supports, nurtures, and protects the client relationship that you have built.

With this partnership, you can access all deregulated markets (electric/gas), deep wholesale analytics, and a vast registry of leading suppliers nationwide.  Remove the administrative and financial burden from the process so you can focus on client relationships and growing your business.

Why Choose Atlas

Nationwide Licenses

Nationwide Licenses:

  • Remove the clerical and financial burden of setting up licenses with each state
  • Freely engage clients across all markets with no concerns on regulatory approvals, backlog, or cost


Market Pricing

Access to the Entire Supplier Marketplace:

  • Electric and Natural Gas suppliers in every deregulated market with over 100+ vetted supplier relationships
  • Each of the suppliers Atlas works with are vetted, selected and continuously reviewed.  Atlas takes the supplier relationship very seriously as this is the direct contractual connection to your client
  • Through strong supplier relationships Atlas can monitor the agreements

Because of our unique organizational structure, Atlas operates differently than our competition. We will work with you to ensure the product selection matches your business’ risk and budgetary tolerances. Rather than rely on prices from suppliers to dictate the approach and strategy, Atlas leverages our proprietary wholesale exposure to guide our clients. Atlas can unequivocally verify pricing it receives from suppliers rather than taking it as fact. This assumes your clients are paying the best available market price.

While price verification is important – and what makes us unique – superior market-timing proves to be the most critical component of a long-term strategy. This should not be misconstrued as Atlas guaranteeing that our clients will buy at the bottom; rather that we are guaranteeing that the best information and analytics in the market will be utilized when advising on critical buying decisions.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence:

  • Our wholesale market access ensures suppliers provide Atlas the most competitive and transparent pricing
  • Deep market analytics all for accurate market timing discussions and understanding of factors driving the market direction.

The wholesale energy markets refer to the institutional commodities markets for electricity, natural gas and crude oil. This is where the commodity or “pure energy” portion of your energy price is derived. Similar to stocks, commodity contracts are bought and sold on a public exchange which in turn dictates the market price. These markets are extremely volatile and sensitive to a wide range of factors, including weather, geo-politics and traditional supply and demand.

Atlas has successfully bridged the gap between wholesale and retail by seamlessly integrating with Atlas Commodities, our wholesale counterpart. We leverage our integration with wholesale markets via Atlas Commodities to provide our clients with information and analysis not available to the public domain. While anyone can obtain access to wholesale price feeds, our business is transacting in these markets daily and we are able to identify trends and price anomalies daily. This gives us the ability to truly verify price for our clients by using our own proprietary pricing models to compare with those of competitive suppliers. This simultaneously provides our clients with peace of mind while also identifying suppliers that are not providing a true market price.

From an outside lens, this concept may at first seem complicated and abstract. However, Atlas can translate this information into clarity and precision when it comes to procurement timing and decision-making. The result is a competitive advantage for our clients.


White Label Data

White Label Data:

  • Materials provided to your client can be branded with your organization’s logo and brand
  • Creating a consistent message and delivery to your clients throughout the process

White Label Data

Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership:

  • Access to Atlas’ vast array of renewable providers across all sources and markets

Becoming a green business can be a very complicated initiative. The most common ways of going green include but are not limited to purchasing RECs, bundling a percentage of renewables into your current supply, installing onsite renewable systems, or financing an off-site renewable system. Atlas will walk you through what options best fit your business goals. Furthermore, many advisors or consultants will partner with a single renewable company where Atlas will review multiple providers for your specific project.

Between taking advantage of federal, state, county and utility incentives, financing these initiatives can be just as complex as selecting what path your company takes. There are a few common ways financing can be accomplished, including physical PPAs, financial/virtual PPAs, upfront payments, on bill financing and net metering. Atlas Retail Energy provides details about all possibilities of financing options and what best suits your business objectives.

Environmental Leadership

Fair Fee Structure

Fair Fee Structure:

  • Most aggressive incentive and referral fees in the market
  • Easy tracking of all contracts, terms, end dates and commissions
  • Easy payment process

Fair Fee Structure