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Process & Capabilities

Our Engagement Process

How did you buy energy?
Current Portfolio Review

Altlas performs a complimentary market analysis to identify current contractual price and term obligations. We evaluate current market vs. conditions when current agreements are executed.

Where’s the market at?
Competitive Request for Proposal (RFP)

Atlas has relationships with 50+ vetted and reputable electric and natural gas suppliers across the country. With our unique wholesale integration with Atlas Commodities, we begin the RFP process by establishing a futures market baseline. Atlas has the ability to run both blind and open reverse auctions depending on your needs.

What do the numbers say?
Curated Data Analysis

We input all market prices into received Atlas’ proprietary suite of analytics tools. We cross-check all leading bids with our wholesale desk to ensure bids are in line with current market prices.

What should we do and why?
Executive Recommendation

We agree to a future energy buying strategy based on results of curated analytics. Strict focus on product, term length, proper supplier partnership, etc.

Execute the plan.
Strategy Implementation

Align corporate stakeholders on the execution of the agreed upon Executive Recommendation. Negotiate and review vetted agreements with guidance from Atlas.

How’s the plan performing?
Evolution Partnership

Identify other applicable value-add services that Atlas offers to our clients. Monitor how strategy is performing and make any needed adjustments based on market dynamics. Provide ongoing performance reporting and future cost-reducing measures.

Our Core Capabilities


We pride ourselves on providing clarity and visibility into what is an otherwise opaque market and process.

Market Knowledge

Being a part of a portfolio of energy-based service companies, Atlas Retail Energy is afforded unique insights into factors affecting price trends. We relay this real-time information to you to help leverage executional transparency and expert marking-timing.

Reporting & Analytics

Information is power. With our data-driven decision approach, we have developed a proprietary set of tools and analytics that help you remove the guesswork from product selection and market-timing.


A sound energy management strategy is only effective if communicated properly. Given how volatile power and natural gas prices can be, having a proactive and communicative advisor from Atlas Retail Energy can help you capture market lows and mitigate upside risk.


We understand that each business is unique in how they want to consume data. Atlas Retail Energy has over 50 customizable reports to help drive quantitative value for key stakeholders within your organization. Your business is unique – ours is too.

Ready to optimize your energy procurement?

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