Atlas Retail Energy Consultants Named TEPA Broker of the Year Finalist

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Atlas Retail Energy was Named ABC (Aggregators, Brokers, Consultants) Of The Year Finalist by TEPA.
Pictured: Atlas Retail Energy President, Steve Roberson.
Matt Stasium, Director of Strategic Relationships.

Atlas Retail Energy Consultants Named TEPA Broker of the Year Finalist

The Energy Professionals Association Recognizes the Most Notable Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants in the U.S.

Retail energy adviser Atlas Retail Energy was announced as one of four finalists for the TEPA ABC 2022-2023 Award among over 100 of the most notable brokers in the country at the 17th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. The ABC (Aggregator/Broker/Consultant) award is voted on by TEPA’s Supplier membership and is intended to recognize the outstanding ABC Member company in categories such as overall satisfaction, ease of doing business, ethical business practices, customer service, and market knowledge. Since 2014, the association has recognized outstanding member companies through membership votes on Supplier of the Year, ABC of the Year and Affiliate of the Year. The awards have become a coveted honor among retail energy businesses that meet TEPA’s standards of ethics, education and advocacy in the market.

In the words of Atlas Retail Energy President, Steve Roberson, “We are extremely honored to serve clients in competitive energy markets by optimizing their electricity, natural gas and renewable energy procurement.   We can’t thank the TEPA community enough for this valuable recognition. Among so many notable broker peers across the country, the award is truly humbling.  We’re grateful to all the suppliers who voted for us and wish to send a huge thank you to TEPA for their valuable resources and support in becoming an industry leader. Our TEPA membership has strengthened our presence in the industry and empowers us with invaluable resources and insights. Ultimately, it is the people in our organization that set us apart, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.” 

Since 2014, TEPA has presented these awards to outstanding members in deregulated retail energy markets across the country. This has become a highly sought-after honor among energy professionals that meet TEPA’s standards of ethics, education, and advocacy in the market.

TEPA is a 501(c)(6) comprised of independent energy aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABCs), as well as energy suppliers and other energy-related entities seeking the advancement of fair, competitive energy markets. As a self-regulating body aimed at improving processes and ensuring “ABCs” maintain an acceptable level of market knowledge and responsibility while transacting in the marketplace, working with a TEPA member ensures consumers are working with a company dedicated to providing quality, ethical service.

According to Atlas Retail Energy Director of Strategic Relationships, Matt Stasium, “Our team is creating important energy savings opportunities for clients. We’re incorporating sustainable solutions with traditional electricity and natural gas options, including large on-site solar, community solar, VPPAs (virtual power purchase agreements), EV (electric vehicle) charging and much more. Our expertise revolves around orienting businesses on how to go about optimizing their energy mix, often with sustainable solutions. Atlas has unique relationships within the renewable space. This provides us a special niche to serve clients. That’s why expanding our team with valuable experts will help Atlas keep up with the quickly evolving energy landscape.”

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